Terms & Conditions

 All sales are to be considered final upon payment.  We do not warrant natural product’s effectiveness and advise all buyers to do their own investigations as to what the best amendments and use of products they are willing to try.  We are happy to help educate through online forums and materials and research studies to share our findings.

Promoting balanced plant health is much like parenting in that one size doesn’t fit all.  We don’t have history of any serious detriment by the use of our products, but we certainly encourage you to test use in defined areas if you are concerned of how your soils or plantings may react.   


Due to our products being natural and us not submitting them to chemical refinements we have no way outside of our own empirical evidence and research to warrant efficacy or potency.  If you have questions to the harvesting methods and care provided to produce our products please feel free to contact us before placing your order!