About Us

  Wiggle Farm is a limited liability corporation with facilities in the South Carolina low country near Neeses, SC.  Our goal is unsurpassed quality and long-term value for our customers.  We do our best to stock and produce products that will further our communities by establishing safe, healthy, balanced soil biology and promote soil ecology that revives plantings giving them the strength and health to be their absolute best.



We do not stock or use of harmful chemicals and pesticides that threaten water supplies and present domino like effects requiring more and more intervention to produce live plantings.  Our goal is to help folks find the sometimes longer road in the beginning that leads to a better, healthy, and long-lasting quality of plant life.

Our experience and research by the academic professionals researching organics and biology that we rely on continues to strengthen our passion that better food means better lives.  Despite the immense immediate value we all utilize through chemical and pharmaceutical engineering some of the by-products and long-term usage affects tend to indicate negative net health as a whole when considering all the impact to ecosystems and life .


We are not perfect, but we are trying to join in and help everyone along the journey to healthy gardens, grasses, and plantings.  It is our hope that the effects are far reaching and build continuous positive health.  Grow Green Naturally!